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MOA billboards are located along high-traffic roads throughout Atlanta, allowing advertisers the opportunity to target and reach thousands of potential customers daily as they work, shop, dine and play.

In the Atlanta metro, MOA delivers high-profile Interstate 20 coverage throughout the Conyers and Covington regions, GA400 in Alpharetta and Cumming area, Kennesaw, Dawsonville, Jasper and Downtown Atlanta on the I-75 / I-85 Connector at GSU Stadium.  

MOA provides unique, creative and affordable programs allowing your message to engage customers by providing high-impact presence with creative flexibility unmatched in the marketplace.

Mashburn Outdoor is

“The Southeast's Most Affordable Billboard Company”

Key Benefits!

Billboards are Always-On 24/7 and you can’t escape them!

Americans spend more time today than ever in their vehicles. Most Americans spend an average of over 15 hours per week in their cars. That’s a lot of driving time! Billboards are always on, 24/7 engaging consumers while they are in their vehicles as they go to work, school, events, appointments, church and more! 

High Frequency Media

Frequency and repetition are key areas that outdoor advertising delivers better than other mediums.  Educate consumers daily regarding the products and services your business offers.

New Technology & Flexibility

New Digital Billboard Technology allows advertisers to engage consumers with a variety of rotating creative messages to showcase business benefits, special promotions and an array of diversified products and services. We can help you build artwork to maximize consumer engagement and effectiveness!

Reach Consumers On-The-Go & Impulse Buying

Even today with online shopping, most Americans enjoy the retail shopping experience. As a result, a significant amount of shopping occurs on the way home from work including retail, grocery and even take-out for tonight’s dinner.  It is a fact that consumers spend the day thinking of things to buy as well as making a list and then stopping on the way home to pick them up.  Put your business on consumers’ shopping lists!

Cost Effective

Outdoor advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising on the market. Most billboards have a cost per thousand less than $1.

Maximize Value

Outdoor advertising surpasses other forms of advertising based on CPM and it also has a higher return on investment.


We look forward to working with your business as Mashburn Outdoor provides Premier Locations, Superior Customer Service and The Best Billboard Rates in Town.  

Contact us today!

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